Current literature SREV dates back in 1985. Since then, the literature world has been revolutionized by digital media. Today the same contents can be in the form of a book, pdf, CD, electronic book, audio book or website. How should an entry be judged when the intellectual content of all these forms is the same? That is the key question.

During the past decade literature jurors have discussed how the new forms of literature should be included in the literature class and judged. FEPA approved its Supplementary Rules for the Evaluation of Philatelic Literature Exhibits at FEPA Exhibitions in 2017. Gary Brown and Frank Walton created a proposal for the evaluation of digital literature at FIP exhibitions aimed for London 2020. It was used in Stockholmia 2019, but not in London, because the exhibition was postponed to 2022.

 In spite of all these efforts the original Literature SREV has not been touched. It is time to write new regulations which take into account all types of philatelic print and digital media. This work is now going on.

The commission Bureau invites all friends of the philatelic literature to take part in the process. The proposal for Special Regulations for the Evaluation of Philatelic Literature Exhibits at FIP Exhibitions can be obtained from the secretary of the commission.