Results of literature exhibits

Here we will show results of different literature exhibits.
2019China 2019BooksDizdari HysenMother Tereza in Albania StampAlbania70 S
2019China 2019BooksDizdari HysenMarin Flora and Fauna in the Albanian Stamp, in 104 years, May 5 1913 - May 5 2017Albania70 S
2019China 2019BooksDizdari HysenGeorge Castriot Scanderbeg in the Albanian Stamp
Albania70 S
2019China 2019BooksPrinting Company
Postage Stamps of the Republic of Belorus 2017Belarus73 S
2019China 2019BooksCimo Jose EduardoFreemasonry in the World of Philately Brazil71 S
2019China 2019BooksBerudin DakarBrunei Darussalam Encyclopedia of Stamp Issued
Brunei70 S
2019China 2019BooksDenkov VesselinOlympic CatalogueBulgaria80 V
2019China 2019BooksBulgarian Philatelic Acedemy Bulgaria: Annual Bulletin 2018 Bulgaria81 V
2019China 2019BooksKalinkov Boris & Radenovsky Dimitar The Surgery Tools During the Ages Bulgaria75 LS
2019China 2019BooksKalinkov Boris & Radenovsky Dimitar One Hundred and Forty Years "Bulgarian Red Cross" Bulgaria75 LS
2019China 2019BooksAll-China Philatelic Federation China Philatelic History (1878-2018) 中国集邮史(1878-2018)China96 LG SP
2019China 2019Books刘建辉 Seven-Decade Stamp Evolution in New China 新中国邮票七十年China82 V
2019China 2019Books《集邮》杂志社 China Philately and FIP World Stamp Exhibitions 中国集邮与FIP世界集邮展览China90 G
2019China 2019BooksLV XinghuaThe Large Dragon Stamp and the Customs Post of the Qing Dynasty 大龙邮票与清代海关邮政—大龙邮票诞生140周年 特刊China90 G
2019China 2019BooksZhang YuCatalogue of gifts of Magazine Philatelic Panorama (1984-2017) 《集邮博览》附赠品图录(1984-2017)China73 S
2019China 2019BooksBeijing Philately Association Getting Started with Philately 《爱上集邮》China85 LV
2019China 2019BooksDong QiEngravers Through Time A History of Chinese Intaglio Postage Stamps 《雕刻时光—中国邮票雕刻凹版口述史》 China81 V
2019China 2019BooksFeng QinghaiThe Plating and Setting Researches on Early FDCs of New China (1957-1966) 《新中国早期(1957-1966)首日封版式版别研究》 China77 LS
2019China 2019BooksZhou LiangThe Mutual Reflection of Beauty Between Aurora and the Light of Human Civilization - Philatelic Items Witness Documentary Chinese Arctic Scientific Research Expedition 《极光与人类文明之光的交相辉映- 邮品见证中国南极科学考察纪实》 China82 V
2019China 2019BooksYu WeiOrchirds on Stamps 《邮票上的兰花》 China76 LS
2019China 2019BooksDang WeiguangJilin Province Postal Surcharge 《吉林省邮政附加费》 China71 S
2019China 2019BooksHeilongjiang Philatelic Association Telling Histories in Stamps 《方寸话春秋》 China80 V
2019China 2019BooksShao YuhuA Glimpse of the world Textile-related Stamps 《世界纺织题材邮票赏析》China75 LS
2019China 2019BooksWu WeilinSelected Writing on Postage Meter Stamps 《邮资机符志文选》China81 V
2019China 2019BooksZhu YongkunHistory of Shanghai Philately Literature (1872-1949) 《上海集邮文献史(1872-1949)》China77 LS
2019China 2019BooksJin XiaohongA Survey of Philatelic Literature on Large Dragon Stamps (1878-2008) 《大龙邮票集邮文献概览(1878-2018)》China81 V
2019China 2019BooksBao Junhe, Li Maochang, Wu Wei 0The Philatelic History of Nanjing 《南京集邮史》China78 LS
2019China 2019BooksMa YouzhangNo-Regrets for Unreserved Criticism 《诤言无悔》China75 LS
2019China 2019BooksZhu PingjianFlowers Grown of the Same Root - Appreciation of Stamps with the same theme 《同根的花—同题材邮票赏析》China73 S
2019China 2019BooksNi YulieChinese New Year Stamped Postcard Research (1981-1990) 《新中国贺年邮资明信片研究》China80 V
2019China 2019BooksZhang ShengAffection to Philately in Haining 《潮乡邮情》China73 S
2019China 2019BooksFujian Provincial Philatelic Association 0Overseas Chinese on the Stamp 《邮票上的华侨华人》China73 S
2019China 2019BooksSu TonghaiHistorical Account of Zhangzhou Qiaopi 《漳州侨批史话》China80 V
2019China 2019Books江西省集邮协会 0Beautiful Jiangxi on Stamps 《邮美江西》China73 S
2019China 2019BooksLi QiushiAn Illustrated Catalogue of China Definitives (1950-2013) 《中国普通邮票图鉴》(1950-2013)China80 V
2019China 2019BooksSu QingSelected Philatelic Works by Charles C Ouyang 《欧阳承庆集邮文选》China80 V
2019China 2019BooksShen DunwuBreak the Blockade - The Postal Routes in China during the war against Japan 《冲破封锁线—中国在抗日战争时期的对外邮路》China81 V
2019China 2019BooksHu DanhuaTravelling Around The World With Philately 《邮旅天下》China73 S
2019China 2019BooksCai ShaomingThe Postal History of Overseas Chinese Remittance & Letter during the Anti-Japanese War 《中国抗战期间的侨批邮史》China83 V
2019China 2019BooksLi BaidaMemory of the World Heritage: Taishan Yinxin Archives and Research 《世界记忆遗产:台山银信档案及研究》China77 LS
2019China 2019BooksZheng Zhihua, Zou Daochong, Jin Jiuchun 0Postmark of Qinzhou, Beihai and Fangchenggang 《广西钦北防地区邮戳史》China78 LS
2019China 2019BooksFu QiangDiscovery Surveying & Mapping on Stamps and Postcards 《测绘方寸间——世界测绘地图邮票明信片集萃》China73 S
2019China 2019BooksLi XinyuLove Red Print - Philatelic Model Couple Wang Jize and Zhang Baopingzhi 《情系红印花——邮坛伉俪王纪泽与张包平之》China80 V
2019China 2019BooksTian RundeWindow 《窗口》China70 S
2019China 2019BooksSun Shiyu, Tian Runde 0Admiring the Silk Road through Stamps 《方寸艺海赏丝路》China70 S
2019China 2019BooksChina Aerospace Philatelists Association 0China Aerospace Theme Postal Appreciation 《中国航天题材邮品鉴赏》China77 LS
2019China 2019BooksAFCR Asociacion Filatelica de Costa Rica 0Pre Stamp Period of Costa RicaCosta Rica85 LV
2019China 2019BooksLukes EmanuelMaps and Columbus related Philatelic Items of his four voyagesCzech Republic67 SB
2019China 2019BooksFereig Sami MA Postal History of Egypt under the Muhammad Ali Dynasty - a three volume set in full colourEgypt85 LV
2019China 2019BooksPokorny 0Postal History of the Territory of Republic Macedonia from 1843 to 2010North Macedonia80 V
2019China 2019BooksMichel CarlaTaxe Percue - Stempel der Volksrepublik ChinaGermany80 V
2019China 2019BooksTretner HubertA Contribution to the History of Competitive Exhibition Activity in the Halle / Saale Region 1955-1990Germany70 S
2019China 2019BooksGaertner ChristophThe Stamps of Austria & Lombardy-Venetia 1850-1867Germany82 V
2019China 2019BooksGaertner ChristophPostages 1852-1867 Thurn & TaxisGermany95 LG
2019China 2019BooksGaertner ChristophThe Transportation of the German Postal System between the French Revolution (1792) and the Congress of ViennaGermany90 G
2019China 2019BooksSzucs KarolyFiscal Philately of HungaryHungary87 LV
2019China 2019BooksSigurdsson VilhjalmurPostage Stamps of the Republic of Iceland 1944-2014Iceland70 S
2019China 2019BooksSoebardi SoehardjoSoeharto's 50 Initiatives for Indonesia & The World on Postage StampsIndonesia71 S
2019China 2019BooksJodana Yan WiriadiA Study of the Printing Process of the Republic of Indonesia's Postage Stamps Issued by the P.T.T. for Java and Madoera 1945-1949Indonesia90 G
2019China 2019BooksSaif AmeelManicipalities Fees in IraqIraq76 LS
2019China 2019BooksRigo FrancoVenice and the Levant - The Mail XIV - XVIII CenturyItaly88 LV
2019China 2019BooksShoda YukihiroGems on PaperJapan72 S
2019China 2019BooksMuseo De La Filatelia Oaxaca 0Architecture and Archaeology 1950-1976. First Modern Permanent Philatelic Series in Mexico. Archaeological, Ethnographic, Architectural and Historical StudyMexico73 S
2019China 2019BooksMuseo De La Filatelia Oaxaca 0Mexico Exporta Diseno Postal y Comercio Internacional / Mexico Exporta Postal Design and International TradeMexico77 LS
2019China 2019BooksTsurea VictorReviews of Postal Issues of the Republic of Moldova 2009-2018Moldova72 S
2019China 2019BooksMyint Maung KyawThe Articles on Stamp Collecting HobbyMyanmar73 S
2019China 2019BooksAl Attar HatimSultanate of Oman Postal System 1966-2016Oman75 LS
2019China 2019BooksIsani Usman AliPakistan Overprints on Service Post Cards of British India with forms used by North Western RailwaysPakistan86 LV
2019China 2019BooksMikołajczyk WitoldBojanowo Commune Described Through its Route and Postal StampsPoland86 LV
2019China 2019BooksŚmiałkowski GrzegorzCatalogue Joint Issues of Polish PostPoland72 S
2019China 2019BooksViacheslav KlochkoOuter Space Mail of the USSR and RussiaRussia86 LV
2019China 2019BooksZatuchny AlexandrANT and Tu Planes on Postal Payment SignsRussia82 V
2019China 2019BooksThe A.S. Popov Central Museum of Communications 0The IX Scientific-and-practical seminar on history of post and philately - 2018's book Russia70 S
2019China 2019BooksRadovanovic MilanBulgarian Occupation of Serbia in Great War (Postal History) - Silent WitnessSerbia82 V
2019China 2019BooksPhilatelic Society of Banja Luka 0Fakes and Forgeries in Philately of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1879-1918Serbia80 V
2019China 2019BooksAssociation of Singapore Philatelists 0China Silver Yuan StampsSingapore92 G SP
2019China 2019BooksTeo Bee YenYILIN Philatelic Book Series 2018Singapore81 V
2019China 2019BooksOndrej Foldes, Stanislav Havlicek 0Monografia celin Slovenska 1939 az 1945 (The Monography on Postal Stationery in Slovakia from 1939 to 1945)Slovakia82 V
2019China 2019BooksSlovak Posta 0Publication "25 Years of Slovak Stamps Creation"Slovakia73 S
2019China 2019BooksGorse BraneChainbreakers - Stamps of Slovenia 1919-1921Slovenia85 LV
2019China 2019BooksSlovenian Philatelic Association 0Proceedings of the International Symposium 100th Anniversary of the Chainbreakers - The First Slovenian Postal StampsSlovenia87 LV
2019China 2019BooksDe Quesada EugenioHistoria Postal Vol II de "Estudios El Eco Filatelico"Spain87 LV
2019China 2019BooksDe Quesada EugenioRelations of the Post and Electric Telegraphy, Isabell II-Alfonso XII, 1853-1885Spain78 LS
2019China 2019BooksFESOFI 0Illustrated Philatelic DictionarySpain85 LV
2019China 2019BooksSamaraweera AnuraGuide to Stamp Collecting (Muddara Wagathuga)Sri Lanka70 S
2019China 2019BooksRupesinghe HarshaThe Machine Postmarks of Sri LankaSri Lanka77 LS
2019China 2019BooksWolfgang Maassen & Jonas Hällström 0Stockholmia 2019 Exhibition Catalogue & Library Catalogue (2 volumes)United Kingdom85 LV
2019China 2019BooksFernbank PeterBahamas - Stamps and Postal Stationery to 1970United Kingdom88 LV
2019China 2019BooksLi ShuguangCorrespondences of a Mighty Arm - A Study of Chinese Military PostChina85 LV
2019China 2019BooksLin Qinghe and Chen Yuguo 0Movement of LifeChina72 S
2019China 2019BooksBasho JovanStamps of Autonomous Republic of KorcaAlbania80 V
2019China 2019BooksGuo ChongpeiMy Family, Joy and Fulfillment through Philately 快乐集邮人家China67 SB
2019China 2019PeriodicalsDorado Vasquez Luis EnriquePostales De Bolivia, revista oficial de la Federacion Filatelica BolivianaBolivia70 S
2019China 2019PeriodicalsSociedade Philatelica Paulista 0Boletim Informativo - Sociedade Philatelica PaulistaBrazil72 S
2019China 2019PeriodicalsUnion of Bulgarian Philatelists 0Philatelen Pregled Magazine 2018Bulgaria77 LS
2019China 2019PeriodicalsSociedad Filatelica De Chile 0Chile FilatelicoChile82 V
2019China 2019PeriodicalsPhilately News 0(Philately News" Bound Volume of 2018 《集邮报》2018年合订本China71 S
2019China 2019PeriodicalsChen ShanYanling Philatelic Magazine 《延陵邮刊(2018年增刊)》China85 LV
2019China 2019PeriodicalsCroatian Philatelic Society Zadar 0Philatelic Magazine Zadarski FilatelistCroatia75 LS
2019China 2019PeriodicalsCroatian Federation of Philatelists 0Hrvatski FilatelistCroatia82 V
2019China 2019PeriodicalsMacedonian Post 0Postage Stamps 2018North Macedonia70 S
2019China 2019PeriodicalsHellenic Philatelic Society 0Philotelia Vol 95 (2018)Greece78 LS
2019China 2019PeriodicalsInternational Society of Guatemala Collectors 0El QuetzalGuatemala78 LS
2019China 2019PeriodicalsFederacion Filatelica de la Republica de Honduras 0Honduras FilatelicaHonduras71 S
2019China 2019PeriodicalsKwan To wah TonyStudies of Classic Chinese Stamps of the Qing DynastyHong Kong85 LV
2019China 2019PeriodicalsJyoti JeevanRainbow Stamp NewsIndia63 B
2019China 2019PeriodicalsKuwait Philatelic Society 0Al PostaKuwait77 LS
2019China 2019PeriodicalsFSPL Luxembourg Federation 0Moniteur Du CollectionneurLuxembourg75 LS
2019China 2019PeriodicalsHuo Hui XiaoMacau Philately (1, 2)Macau75 LS
2019China 2019PeriodicalsCorinphila Veilingen 0Netherlands "Bright and Beautiful" Postal History 1852-1867Netherlands70 S
2019China 2019PeriodicalsCorinphila Veilingen 0Netherlands Former Colonies - The Dr Albert Louis CollectionNetherlands75 LS
2019China 2019PeriodicalsVan Dieten Stamp Auctions 0Auction Catalogue 641 2019Netherlands75 LS
2019China 2019PeriodicalsTeam NPV 0Collection Bulterman Part III 2019Netherlands75 LS
2019China 2019PeriodicalsTeam NPV 0Spring Auction NPV 2019Netherlands75 LS
2019China 2019PeriodicalsJ L C M Tschroots - H H C Tschroots-Boer 0Luchtvaart en luchtpost encyclopedic, deel 2 (Aviation and Airmail Encyclopaedia Volume 2)Netherlands95 LG
2019China 2019PeriodicalsFederacao Portuguesa De Filatelia 0Magazine "Filatelia Lusitana"Portugal80 V
2019China 2019PeriodicalsJSC "Marka" 0Magazine "Philately" 2018Russia80 V
2019China 2019PeriodicalsGalaron Calvo AndresWeekly Philatelic Items in the Diariop De Burgos 2017-2019Spain63 B
2019China 2019CataloguesJalil Guillermo ACatalogo Especializado de Sellos e Historia Postal de la Republica Argentina (Edicion 2018-2019)Argentina90 G
2019China 2019BooksMonk GordonAustralia: The Surface Printed KGV 1d Sideface Issue Plate Proof Variety CatalogueAustralia77 LS
2019China 2019CataloguesZheng MinminPractical Hong Kong Stamp Catalogue (1997-2016) 《实用香港邮票目录》China76 LS
2019China 2019CataloguesLiu ShuhuiThe Illustrated Dictionary of Special Category Stamps of PRC (2018) 《新中国邮票特别品类图鉴(2018)》China77 LS
2019China 2019CataloguesAssociation "Les maximaphiles Français"  0France: Maximum-Cards catalogueFrance81 V
2019China 2019CataloguesAristomemis Katsiolis & Athanasios Vanikiotis 0Greek Cinderella PhilatelyGreece75 LS
2019China 2019CataloguesPhilatelia Hungarica LLC 0Catalogue of the Hungarian Stamps 2018/I-IIHungary90 G
2019China 2019CataloguesNovin Farahbakhsh MassoudN Farahbakhsh Catalogue of The Stamps of Iran Qajar, Pahlavi, Islamic Republic Iran82 V
2019China 2019CataloguesBerman GenadyPostal Labels & Forms of IsraelIsrael82 V
2019China 2019CataloguesInternational Stamp & Coin Sdn Bhd 0Standard Catalogue of Malaysia Stamps, Revenue Stamps & Postal Stationery 1st EditionMalaysia75 LS
2019China 2019CataloguesSienra Alba VictorPostal History and Mexican Airmail Catalog First FlightsMexico80 V
2019China 2019CataloguesFischer AndrzejCatalogue of the Polish Stamps (And With Poland Connection) 2019 Vol 1Poland77 LS
2019China 2019CataloguesPodvyaznikov MikhailSubmarines and Underwater Vehicles on the Postage Stamps of the worldRussia80 V
2019China 2019CataloguesPetrischev AndrewStamprus Postage Stamps of USSR 1976-1991 Specialised CatalogueRussia77 LS
2019China 2019CataloguesJSC "Marka" 0Catalogue "The Postage Stamps of the Russian Federation 1992-2017"Russia80 V
2019China 2019CataloguesMichael KramarenkoBig Russia Specialized Catalog of Sings of Post Payment 1845-1923Ukraine90 G
2019China 2019CataloguesLyubinin JosefCatalog Envelopes and Stamps of the first day of Ukraine from 1992 to 2017Ukraine76 LS
2019China 2019CataloguesGeyfman JosephSpecialized Catalog "Local Stamps (Provisionals) Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, USSR 1918-1922, 1931USA90 G
2019China 2019CataloguesIsufaj DjanaStamps of Albanian (1913-1944) - Specialised CatalogueAlbania90 G
2018Thailand 2018BooksWijnants PaulThe Maritime Connections to and from New South Wales before 1876Belgium83 V
2018Thailand 2018BooksSchouberechts VincentThe Post Book - 500 years of history in EuropeBelgium82 V
2018Thailand 2018BooksForte DenisSlanted Numerals 1844-1846 The Second Issue of Brazilian Stamps Study on Printing FlawsBrazil76 LS
2018Thailand 2018BooksKalinkov Boris and Radenovski Dimitar 0The Surgery Tools during the agesBulgaria73 S
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesTip Top Press Publishing House, Bulgaria 0Olympic Catalogue - Phaleristics, Numismatics, PhilatelyBulgaria85 LV
2018Thailand 2018BooksPhilatelic Specialists Society of Canada 0151 Personal Views of Canada, A Philatelic Sesquicentennial ProjectCanada73 S
2018Thailand 2018BooksZhang HuadongThe Origin of the Penny BlackChina78 LS
2018Thailand 2018BooksHo Huei-ChingSeminars and Activities Proceedings (2017) Vol 26Chinese Taipei85 LV
2018Thailand 2018BooksMarka Nova d.o.o. 0Acta Philatelica Nova 2017Croatia82 V
2018Thailand 2018BooksKluge JorgenDET Tyske Kejserrige, Weiman-Republikken of Deres Frimarus - UdgavenDenmark80 V
2018Thailand 2018BooksRasmussen Ib KrarupDansk Pakkepost Til UdlanpetDenmark80 V
2018Thailand 2018BooksFenchenbauer UlrichThe Stamps of Austria & Lombardy-Venetia 1850-1867Germany83 V
2018Thailand 2018BooksGaertner ChristophThe Transformation of the German Postal System between the French Revolution (1792) and the Congress of Vienna (1814-1815)Germany90 G
2018Thailand 2018BooksGaertner ChristophPostages 1852-1867 Thurn & TaxisGermany96 LG
2018Thailand 2018BooksPesenacker ManfredThe First Offical Emission of Air Mail Stamps by Brazil 1929-1934Germany85 LV
2018Thailand 2018BooksMak Kwok PuiPostal History of 1937 in China - The First Year of the Second Sino-Japanese WarHong Kong82 V
2018Thailand 2018BooksKwan WilliamStamps and Covers of East China Liberated Areas 1942-1949Hong Kong86 LV
2018Thailand 2018BooksChoi Cheng TooThe Choi Cheng-Too Collection: The Postage Stamps and Postal History of Macao 1616-1934Hong Kong96 LG
2018Thailand 2018BooksZhu Yeping and Mak Kwok Pui 0The Kings of the MonkeysHong Kong70 S
2018Thailand 2018BooksPrasad RohitIndia 1935 Silver Jubilee StampsIndia81 V
2018Thailand 2018BooksSharma Dinesh ChandraPhilately as a Teaching ToolIndia67 SB
2018Thailand 2018BooksSingh VikasRomance of Rail and a Journey of India Postage StampsIndia65 SB
2018Thailand 2018BooksWalia RakeshStamp Collection for BeginnersIndia60 B
2018Thailand 2018BooksSoehardjo SoebardiPak Harto the Footmarks on Postage StampsIndonesia70 S
2018Thailand 2018BooksRigo FrancoVenice and the Levant - The Mail XIV - XVIII CenturyItaly87 LV
2018Thailand 2018BooksJapan Philatelic Society, Foundation 0Suomi Finland 1856-1875Japan80 V
2018Thailand 2018BooksShoda YukihiroGems on PaperJapan73 S
2018Thailand 2018BooksKorea Philatelic Society 0130 Years of Korean Postage StampsKorea81 V
2018Thailand 2018BooksRhee Kun HooNepal Korea Flower Stamps and the Short EssaysKorea73 S
2018Thailand 2018BooksEssa Yahya DashtiRoyal Silver Wedding Stamp 1948 - King George VI & Queen ElizabethKuwait77 LS
2018Thailand 2018BooksShrestha BinodBuddha a story through postage stamps (series in 5 volumes) (Previous title: Buddha a story through postage stamps)Nepal75 LS
2018Thailand 2018BooksBouscher NathanPostal Services in Rural Areas of the Netherlands before 1850Netherlands80 V
2018Thailand 2018BooksTSchroots Hans and HennyAviation and Airmail Encyclopaedia Volume 2Netherlands95 LG
2018Thailand 2018BooksAl Attar HatimSultanate of Oman Postal System 1966-2016Oman75 LS
2018Thailand 2018BooksNicolaie StanCorrelation Between Perfin Application Postmark and Mechanic FrankingRomania70 S
2018Thailand 2018BooksMarmornov AlexanderPost of the Russian Empire in Central AsiaRussia82 V
2018Thailand 2018BooksPopov Central Museum of Communications 0Experience of Participation in Domestic and International Philatelic ExhibitionsRussia65 SB
2018Thailand 2018BooksTan Wee KiatPhilatelic Stories for Singapore Students and TeachersSingapore65 SB
2018Thailand 2018BooksTan Wee KiatPhilatelic Ambassadors: Singapore Stamps of Joint IssuesSingapore70 S
2018Thailand 2018BooksSlovenian Philatelic Association (FZS) 0Proceedings of the International Symposium - 100th Anniversary of the Chainbreakers - The First Slovenian Postal StampsSlovenia85 LV
2018Thailand 2018BooksFESOFI 0Illustrated Philatelic DictionarySpain87 LV
2018Thailand 2018BooksFerrer Zavala ArturoSpanish Postal Stationery Privatized (1873-1962)Spain90 G
2018Thailand 2018BooksEl Eco Filatelico 0Postal History - (Vol II Estudios El Eco Filatelico)Spain87 LV
2018Thailand 2018BooksTa Phi LongSoldier Mail during the Resistance Wars for National Salvation 1945-1975Vietnam80 V
2018Thailand 2018BooksRupesinghe HarshaThe Machine Postmarks of Sri LankaSri Lanka76 LS
2018Thailand 2018BooksSamaraweera AnuraPhilately as a hobby (Muddara Vinodaya)Sri Lanka67 SB
2018Thailand 2018BooksMuhonen AriFinnish Postage Rates 1875-2001Finland88 LV
2018Thailand 2018BooksPokela TimoFinnish Air Mail 1918-1952Finland88 LV
2018Thailand 2018BooksGuo RongzhongPicture Postcards Collection of Wuhan Yantze River Bridge (1957-2017)China75 LS
2018Thailand 2018BooksZhao YueThe De La Rue Archives for China 1877China95 LG
2018Thailand 2018BooksFeng QinghaiThe Plating and Setting Researches on early First Day Covers of New China (1957-1966)China76 LS
2018Thailand 2018BooksHu ZhiliStamps Show Today in History of New China AgainChina70 S
2018Thailand 2018BooksPhilately Magazine (China) 0The Research of China First Set of Postage Stamps - The Special Publication for 140 Anniversary of Issuing the Large Dragon StampsChina88 LV
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsRoyal Belgian Academy of Philately 0Le Philateliste BelgeBelgium85 LV
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsFelipe Melgar, Roger Bruno, Jorge Mavila 0"Postales de Bolivia" Official Magazine of the Bolivian Philatelic Federation (FFB)Bolivia68 SB
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsFEBRAF 0Philately MagazineBrazil75 LS
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsAssociacao Filatelica E Numismatica de Santa Catarina 0Santa Catarina FilatelicaBrazil68 SB
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsThe Royal Philatelic Society of Canada 0The Canadian PhilatelistCanada86 LV
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsThe Postal History Society of Canada 0PHSC JournalCanada85 LV
2018Thailand 2018BooksTsai Wen-LungCollectors' Philatelic Annual Report (2017) Vol 29Chinese Taipei86 LV
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsLu Sung-LiangNew Taipei City Philateic Magazine 2017Chinese Taipei80 V
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsCroatian Philatelic Society Zadar 0Philatelic Magazin Zadarski FilatelistCroatia78 LS
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsCroatian Federation of Philatelist 0Hrvatski FilatelistCroatia78 LS
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsKorean Postal Stationery Society 0Philatelic YearsKorea78 LS
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsKuwait Philatelic Society 0Al-Posta MagazineKuwait75 LS
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsFSPL (Luxembourg Federation) 0Moniteur Du Collectionneur 2017Luxembourg70 S
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsBonnici AlfredThe Malta Philatelic Society JournalMalta75 LS
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsJSC "MARKA" 0Magazine "Philately" 2017Russia80 V
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsHolmes DavidThe Mail Coach - Journal of the Postal History Society of New ZealandNew Zealand76 LS
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesOslo Filatelistklubb 0Norgeskatalogen 2018Norway85 LV
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsAsociacion Filatelica Peruana 0Filatelia PeruanaPeru85 LV
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsPolish Philatelists Union 0Filatelista 2017 / Philatelist 2017Poland80 V
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsAmerico Lopes Rebelo 0Articles about Maximafilia Published in Several Magazines, referring to the years 2016/2017Portugal70 S
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsEl Eco Filatelico 0El Eco Filatelico (Monthly Magazine "El Eco Filatelico")Spain82 V
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsGalaron Calvo AndresWeekly Philatelic Items in the Diario De Burgos 2016/2018Spain70 S
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsStanley Gibbons Ltd 0Gibbons Stamp MonthlyUK87 LV
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsStanley Gibbons Ltd 0Stanley Gibbons, Denmark and Norway Stamp Catalogue (Including Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland)UK86 LV
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsStanley Gibbons Ltd 0Stanley Gibbons East Africa Stamp Catalogue (with Egypt & Sudan)UK85 LV
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsVietnam Philatelic Association 0Vietnam Philately MagazineVietnam75 LS
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsRangos NicosCyprus PhilatelyCyprus78 LS
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsPunchchar JaroslavPrehled Ceske Letecke Posty 1993-2017Czech Republic68 SB
2018Thailand 2018PeriodicalsByla JakaVl. Mezinarodni Filatelisticka Vystava euregia Egrensis 6 - 10.5.2015Czech Republic62 B
2018Thailand 2018Cataloguesvan den Hove AlexCOBA Catalogue of the different types of Postal Cancellations of Belgium (1849-1914)Belgium90 G
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesYvert Et Tellier 0Catalogue Timbres De France 2019France90 G
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesSchwaneberger Verlag GmbH 0MICHEL Europe in 4 volumes - 2018: Europe, Asia and British CommnwealthGermany85 LV
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesSchwaneberger Verlag GmbH 0MICHEL Germany Specialized - in 2 volumesGermany91 G
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesEnke DetlefMarkische Post in Frankfurt (Oder)Germany73 S
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesBerman GenadyPostal Labels and Forms of IsraelIsrael85 LV
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesJapan Philatelic Society, Foundation 0Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalogue Vol 1, Vol 2Japan86 LV
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesJapan Philatelic Society, Foundation 0Ryukyu Specialized CatalogueJapan83 V
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesBulterman MartijnDe Collectie P.R. Bulterman Auction Catalogue, 2018Netherlands77 LS
2018Thailand 2018Cataloguesvan Dieten Stamp Auction 0Van Dieten's 639th Auction Catalogue, 2018Netherlands81 V
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesŚMIAŁKOWSKI GrzegorzCatalogue Joint Issues of Polish PostPoland75 LS
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesMikhail PodvyaznikovSubmarines and Underwater Vehicles on the Postage Stamps of the worldRussia82 V
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesKramarenko Michael"Big Russia" Specialized Catalog of Signs of Post Payment 1845-1923Russia86 LV
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesKormilova SvetlanaAlbum-Katalogue our favourite artists E GundobinRussia78 LS
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesZverev AlexanderSpecialized Catalogue of Postage Stamps of Russian Empire, RSFSE and USSR, 1857-1960 Third EditionRussia85 LV
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesAndrei PetrischevSpecialized Catalogue. Postage Stamps of USSRRussia80 V
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesLithen GunnarFacit Norden 2019Sweden88 LV
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesLithen GunnarFacit Special Classic 2018Sweden85 LV
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesStanley Gibbons Ltd 0Stanley Gibbons Brunei, Malaysia & Singapore Stamp Catalogue, 5th editionUK81 V
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesStanley Gibbons Ltd 0Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth & Europe Stamp Catalogue 2019 EditionUK88 LV
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesJSC "MARKA" 0Catalogue "The Postage Stamps of the Russian Federation USSR 1992-2017"Russia81 V
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesMacedonian Post 0Postage Stamps 2017 of MacedoniaMacedonia77 LS
2018Thailand 2018CataloguesAdam AndreiBulletin of Moldovan Postage Emissions: Years 2008-2017Moldova70 S
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Fakes and Forgeries in Philately of Bosnia and
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