Report to the Congress 2002


The F.I.P. Literature Commission’s
Report to Congress 2002


The Philatelic Literature Commission is pleased to be able to make a successful report to Congress.Following the elections at the Madrid Congress 2000, the Commission is Chaired by Francis Kiddle RDP (UK) with Bureau Members Charles Verge (Canada) – Secretary; Osvaldo Giordano (Argentina); Toke Norby (Denmark); Juhani Olamo RDP (Finland); and Tony Virvilis (Greece). It is sad to report that Frau Jutta Fullrich (Germany) died shortly after being re-elected to the Bureau. No co-option to the Bureau is planned as this loss brings us into line with future Bureau numbers.

The priority has been to continue and expand the Annual FIP Internet Competition, initiated by Charlie Peterson RDP, Director FIP, in 1999. From the initial entry of 66 websites from 20 countries in 1999, there have been entry levels of 49 sites from 19 countries in 2000, and 71 sites from 18 countries in 2001. For each competition the results were announced at the Palmares of an International Exhibition – 1999 China, 2000 Spain, and 2001 Denmark; 2002 results will be announced at Korea. Each entrant has not only received an electronic award, but also a written critique on their website. It is pleasing to be able to say that the standard of entry has progressively increased year on year. The number of judges have increased, but we are still heavily dependent on North America and Europe. However, more judges are needed not only to gain invaluable experience, but also to reduce the heavy workload on the existing panel of judges.

Much time has been spent in preparing a forward programme of work that will promote and enhance philatelic literature. The Bureau met at Hafnia 01, at no charge to FIP, and a website is in the process of being launched (the planned site is: thanks to Toke Norby. Of concern is that only half of the national federations have nominated delegates to the Commission. To enhance this number, a bulletin is being prepared by Charles Verge to send to all delegates and national federations. In addition, significant work is being undertaken by Tony Virvilis within FEPA, to provide a database of existing commercial journals.

Finally, with the progressive expansion in the use of personal computers as word processors and databases, more and more people have the facility at home for turning their personal researches into manuscripts, which can be published easily. With many more books being published each year, it is difficult for any philatelist to maintain a comprehensive library and to be aware of what is published within their sphere of interest throughout the world. We are being swamped with information, a degree of it being uncontrolled (website publishing). FIP, and the Literature Commission, have a significant role to play within this burgeoning field, especially in the way the resource develops. We sincerely hope that we can harness this enormous resource and enable it to be available to philatelists in all countries, a major challenge that needs to be met.

Francis Kiddle
Chairman, FIP Literature Commission

13 March 2002