The Association Internationale des Journalistes Philatéliques (International Association of Philatelic Journalists, short: AIJP) has updated its website. The previous site had been in use for about ten years and was getting to the end of its technical life.

The basic elements of the website are still the same, but their arrangement has been changed. The menu has been shifted from left to the top of the page. The right sidebar contains now the AIJP logo, a search box as well as a short list of coming events. The main feature and eye catcher of the page is now a large news section.

Philatelic literature news are the core of the website. These will be published frequently, and with improved range. The new technology allows more elements as before, for example videos and podcasts. Only the imagination of the news writers is the limit. Improved navigation aids, search box and news archive allow a reader to find published information easier than before. The language of all pages and most news can be dynamically changed between German and English.

One of the most useful new features is the different lists of publications mentioned in the news section. This allows readers to have a look at different publications and their reviews with one sight. In the future this will form a formidable database for friends of philatelic literature.

Even though technology is important, the most important reason for the update is to offer even better services to the members  and enlarge the visibility of notable philatelic literature to the general public. It is the duty of the Board. However, we hope that all members help us in our efforts. Please, keep us informed about new philatelic literature, give us comments about the website and how it can be improved.

This all can be found at the very same internet address,