The Literature Commission
Fédération Internationale de Philatélie - FIP

Philatelic Literature

There are many things that make it stand out in FIP World Exhibitions. It invariably is the largest FIP competitive class in such events, often comprising well over 150 entries. Second, it is the only class that does not have to conform to FIP Official Language Rules - it can be presented in any language. Third, no pre-qualification is necessary, primarily for the reason that all literature, irrespective of its judged medal award, contains information of value to somebody. Fourthly, it is vital to philatelic research; literature could be stated to be the lifeblood of philately.

Your Commission that looks after philatelic literature within FIP has had to evolve rapidly. The introduction of electronic media in the form of videos, CD ROM's and Internet has produced no end of problems, not least in the enormous resource that is available through this media. Now judging techniques have been introduced and very significant retraining of judges has been undertaken. Your Commission, represented by its Bureau, has worked hard to foster all aspects of literature. This website is just one of the initiatives that have been made.

As Chairman of the Commission, I am proud to work with our Bureau to the furtherance of Philatelic Literature. This website, which is your website, is one of the prime tools used to enhance and encourage philatelic literature. Please use it.

Anthony Virvilis, FRPSL, AIJP, AEP
Chairman, Literature Commission