Supplementary Rules for the Philatelic Literature Class in F.I.P. Exhibitions

Rule 1:

These supplementary rules for the admission of Literature Exhibits have been developed under Article 3.3 of the General Regulations of the F.I.P. for Exhibitions (GREX) and will apply to all literature entries in General and Specialised Exhibitions of F.I.P. (GREX Article 2).

Rule 2:

In amplification of Article 17.1 (GREX), entries may be exhibited by the author, compiler, editor, publisher, sponsoring organization or society, or any other individual holding proprietary rights.

Rule 3:

A literature exhibit may be admitted provided the exhibitor, as defined under Rule 2 above, meets the qualification requirement of GREX Article 10.1. Recently published works which have not had the opportunity to be exhibited at a national exhibition may directly participate in a F.I.P. exhibition (GREX Article 10.3).

Rule 4:

A separate form will be used for entries in the literature class. In addition to the other information needed by the Exhibition Management, this form should also include the publication date, publisher, number of pages, frequency of publication (for periodicals) and means of ordering the publication (address, price).

Rule 5:

Two copies of each literature exhibit shall be provided by the exhibitor: one copy for judging and the other for a reading room as per Article 6.8 of GREX. Following the exhibition these copies shall be sent by the Exhibition Management to a library designated by the member federation hosting the exhibition, unless the exhibitor specifically asks for the return of these copies.

Rule 6:

The entry fee for a literature exhibit shall be equivalent to the price of one frame in the general competition class of the same exhibition.

Rule 7:

The Exhibition Management shall furnish the judges a list of literature entries at least three months prior to the exhibition.

Rule 8:

Handbooks and special studies must have been published not earlier than 5 years prior to the exhibition year. For all other entries the publication date should be not earlier than 2 years prior to the exhibition year. For multivolume works, the date of publication of each volume shall govern. Revised editions will be considered as new publications. For periodicals, the most recent complete volume or year shall be exhibited. A selection of at least ten different newspaper articles is required for exhibition.

Rule 9:

Medals in the literature class will bear the word “Literature” either abbreviated or in full. Literature entries are also eligible for special awards (Article 8.6, GREX).

Rule 10:

Literature judges must have a reading ability in at least two languages, one of which must be any of the four official F.I.P. languages (Article 29.3 of the Statutes).

Rule 11:

In the event of any discrepancies in the text arising from translation, the English text shall prevail.

Rule 12:

The Supplementary Rules for the Evaluation of Philatelic Literature Class in F.I.P. Exhibitions have been approved by the 54th F.I.P. Congress on 5th November, 1985 in Rome, and replace all previous special regulations for literature. They came into force on 5th November, 1985 and apply to those exhibitions which are granted F.I.P. patronage, auspices or support at the 54th F.I.P. Congress and thereafter.

Note: The cross-references to the Statutes and GREX have been updated to refer to the Statutes and GREX approved by the 69th F.I.P. Congress on October 13th, 2006 at Málaga.