Special Regulations for the Evaluation of Philatelic Literature Exhibits at F.I.P. Exhibitions

Article 1: Competitive Exhibits

In accordance with Article 1.4 of the General Regulations of the F.I.P. for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at F.I.P. Exhibitions (GREV), these Special Regulations have been developed to supplement those principles with regard to the Philatelic Literature. Also refer to Guidelines to Philatelic Literature Regulations.

Article 2: Competitive Exhibits

Philatelic literature includes all printed communications available to collectors related to postage stamps, postal history, and their collecting, and to any of the specialized fields connected therewith.

Article 3: Principles of Exhibit Composition

Philatelic literature will be subdivided as follows:

1. Handbooks and Special Studies
a. Handbooks
b. Monographs
c. Specialised research articles
d. Bibliographies and similar special works
e. Exhibition catalogues
f. Specialised catalogues which besides philatelic issues of one or more countries treat varieties, cancellations or other specialized aspects.
g. Transcripts of philatelic lectures presented to the public (including radio, television, film and slide show scripts).
h. Similar special works.
2. General Catalogues

Worldwide, regional and single area catalogues whose depth of coverage does not qualify them as specialized catalogues.

3. Philatelic Periodicals

Philatelic journals and newspapers, society organs, house organs, yearbooks and similar publications.

4. Articles

Articles of a general nature, in philatelic or nonphilatelic publications.

Article 4: Criteria for Evaluating Exhibits

4.1 Literature exhibits will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
Treatment of contents
Originality, significance and depth of research
Technical matters
4.2 The criterion "treatment of contents" requires an evaluation of the literary style, clarity, and skill in communication shown in the exhibit.

4.3 The criterion "originality, significance, and depth of research" requires an evaluation of the overall significance of the subject matter presented in the exhibit, as well as the degree to which the exhibit displays original discoveries, research, analysis or approaches to a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

4.4 The criterion "technical matters" requires an evaluation of such aspects as title page and imprint, pagination, credits, bibliography, index, and use of illustrations.

4.5 The criterion "presentation" requires an evaluation of the effect of binding, typography, and similar production factor on the usability of the publication. To avoid the impact of purely commercial aspects, this criterion will only be evaluated to the degree that it represents a negative factor.

Article 5: Judging of Exhibits

5.1 Literature exhibits will be judged by approved specialists in their respective field and in accordance with Section V (Article 31-46) of GREX (ref. GREV. Article 5.1)

5.2 For Literature exhibits, the following relative terms are presented to lead the Jury to a balanced evaluation (ref. GREV. Article 5.2):

Treatment of contents
Originality, significance and depth of research
Technical matters

Article 6: Concluding Provision

6.1 In the event of any discrepancies in the text arising from translation, the English text shall prevail.

6.2 These Special Regulations for the Evaluation of Philatelic Literature Exhibits at F.I.P. Exhibitions have been approved by the 54th F.I.P. Congress on 5th November, 1985 in Rome. They came into force on 5th November, 1985 and apply to those exhibitions which are granted F.I.P. patronage, auspices or support at the 54th F.I.P. Congress and thereafter.