Commission Chairman:            Anthony Virvilis           anvirvilis@yahoo.gr

Bureau Secretary:                  Norman Banfield          normanb@xtra.co.nz

Bureau Members:

                                                    Michael Dixon (U.S.A.)        mdd10@att.net

                                                         Liu Jia Wei (China)         jiyoujiao@yahoo.com.cn

                                        Franz-Karl Lindner (Germany)        lindnerfk@t-online.de

                         Erik Hamberg (Sweden)         erik.hamberg@posten.se


FIP Board Coordinator:            Tay Peng Hian penghiantay@yahoo.com


Commission website:                          fipliterature.org



NEWSLETTER – August 2011






June  2012  in Jakarta



1.     Welcome and Roll Call


2.     Approval of the minutes of our Commission Meeting in Lisbon (October 8, 2010)


3.     Report on activities 2010-2012 (Bureau and Delegates)


4.     Election of Chairman, Secretary and three Bureau members (to represent FEPA, FIAF, FIAP)


5.     Questions, Discussion, Suggestions


6.     Next meeting


The terms of the Secretary (Norman Banfield) and of the Bureau Member (Liu Jia-wei) representing FIAP countries expire in June 2012. Therefore we need two new Bureau Members – especially a Secretary.

We shall need somebody who is computer literate, has a good knowledge of English and some time from other commitments.



It is with great sadness that we report the death in Brazil on 9 May 2011 of Dr Paolo Comelli RDP, FIP Director and the Board Coordinator for the Philatelic Literature Commission.


After returning home from INDIPEX 2011 in New Delhi in February he was admitted to hospital with pneumonia which led to other serious medical complications. At INDIPEX 2011 he was awarded the Grand Prix International for his fabulous “Brazilian Mail to Foreign Destinations – from Correio – MOR to UPU”. He was a great researcher and philatelist. Some of the positions he held included:

Vice President of the Brazilian Federation of Philately (FEBRAF) 1997-2001

Vice President of the Inter-American Federation of Philately (FIAF) 1998-2001

Director of Association Internationale des Experts en Philatélie (AIEP) 2006-2011

Director of Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP) 2008-2012

His website http://www.comelliphilatelist.com will be maintained by his family members in order to continue sharing Paulo's philatelic knowledge with the world.

 As FIP Board Coordinator for our Commission he showed a keen interest in the Commission’s work and was always helpful.


Wolfgang Hellrigl RDP, former Italian Delegate for Philatelic Literature, AIEP, well known philatelic author, passed away on 23 November 2010. Prolfic writer on Nepal philately he was past President of the AIEP. The award of the only Literature Large Gold at PHILANIPPON 2011 for his book The Postal History of Mongolia 1841-1941 is a fitting tribute to his scholarship.

Juhani Olamo RDP, FRPSL former Finnish Delegate and past Bureau member of our Commission, passed away on 1 September 2010 in Helsinki. He was a respected philatelist in Finland and author of books on forgeries and revenues. He will be missed by those who knew him.





The Chairman of each FIP Commission is required to provide a report on the work of the Commission since the previous Congress – the report for 2010-2012 will appear in the next Newsletter.





Following the proposal of our Chairman, the FIP Board has awarded Madame Michele Chauvet RDP (France) the FIP Award of Research for 2010 and the commemorative plaquette was presented during the FIP Congress at Lisbon.

The proposal of our Chairman appears below.


Madame Michele Chauvet RDP


Madame Michele Chauvet appears in our days to be a very exceptional case in the Philatelic Literature worldwide.


Her accomplishments due to her prolific writings surpass many other contemporary male contestants.

Her researches published in the form of voluminous books listed below exceding 4.000 pages, are considered outstanding by all standards:


- Les Bureaux Taxateurs, 1999,

- Les relations de la France et de l'Angleterre avant 1849, 2001,

- Introduction à l'histoire postale des origines a 1849 (two volumes 2nd editions) 2002-2004,

- Les relations de la France avec l'Espagne de 1660 à 1849, 2002,

- Les réexpéditions dans le régime intérieur des origines à 1878, 2003,

- La collection La Fayette, timbres mythiques de France, 2003,

- Les relations de la France avec Genève, 1669-1849, 2003,

- Les colonies françaises. Tarifs et service postal. 1848-1878, Les colonies d'Amérique, 2008,

- Les colonies françaises Tarifs et service postal 1848-1878, les colonies d'Afrique, 2009.

- The 3rd volume on Les colonies d'Oceanie is going to be published within 2010.


She has also co-opted with notable and well known researchers, publishing with:

[Guy Dutau] La vie quotidienne dans les lazarets: vivre ou mourir, 2005,

[Jean-François Brun] Introduction à l'Histoire Postale 1848-1878, 2007,

[Jean-François Brun] Cérès 1849 et ses usages postaux, à travers les timbres et lettres de la collection Joseph Hackmey, 2009.


She has also collaborated  in collective works, such as:

- Le Patrimoine du timbre-poste (sections: Introduction - postal history before 1849), 1998

- Dictionaire Philatelique et postal, 1999,

- Catalogue des timbres de France: Le Spécialisé (sections: Introduction - the letter before 1849 – The Franco-Prussian war), 2000.

In addition, she has published considerably in periodicals such as Les Feuilles Marcophiles, Relais, Le Monde des Philatelistes, Les Feuilles Philateliques, Philatelie Française, Bulletin de CPF, Fakes, Forgeries Experts, Journal of the France & Colonies Philatelic Society (UK),  Posthistorama, Belgian postal history, Marcophila and, in particular, Documents Philateliques.


Her original and meticulous researches in various French Archives compiled with authorship and communicating skills due to her education (Diploma in Law of European Communities Center and Diploma of Superior Studies -D.E.S- in European Law) has brought to light many unknown aspects of the vast French postal history.


M. Chauvet's scientific work in philately and her indefatigable work in spreading philatelic knowledge, have been recognised by several Philatelic Academies and International Philatelic Organisations, by electing her:

Corresponding member of Academie de Philatelie Française in 1994 and titulary member since 1996,

Corresponding member of Academie de Philatelie de Belgique, since 1998,

Member of Academia Hispanica de Filatelia, since 2003,

Corresponding member of Consilium Philateliae Helveticae, since 2006

Member of Association Internationale des Experts en Philatélie (AIEP) 2006

Member of Académie Européenne de Philatélie (AEP)


She has been internationally awarded with:

- Prize 2003 of Consilium Philateliæ Helveticæ for Les relations de la France avec Genève,

- FEPA medal 2007 for exceptional reasearch and study for her book co-written with Jean-Francois Brun, Introduction a l'histoire postale de 1848 a 1878,

- the Crawford medal 2010 by the Royal Philatelic Society London for Les colonies françaises. Tarifs et service postal (1848-1878). Les colonies d'Afrique.


Her collections “The use of 5 and 1 c of 1854-76 issues” and “Les Aigles“ have been awarded the Grand Prix in the national exhibitions of Mulhouse 2003 and Tarbes 2009, respectively. The first collection has also gained a gold medal in FIP España 2004, whereas her thematic exhibit “The sail, men and techniques history” a gold medal in FIP Praga 1988.


She was rightfully asked to sign the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists in 2006.


Anthony Virvilis

Chairman, FIP Philatelic Literature Commission





We welcome the new Delegates: Frank Walton from the United Kingdom, Thimi Nika from Albania, Robert Cloix from France and Ms Olga Lazarovics from Hungary.



With this Newsletter is an updated list of Commission Delegates as at 31 August 2011.

Please check this list and if there are errors or omissions please advise the Secretary. It is very difficult to keep track of all the changes in postal and email addresses and is very time consuming if there are problems in sending emails.





The following items are new or have been updated:

-       Delegates Addresses – updated

-       Newsletter for July 2010

-       Under ‘History’ – Continental Literature Awards and Awards per Country





Below are extracts from the report of Giancarlo Morelli, FEPA Director for Literature and Awards.



(1) FEPA Awards 2009 - FEPA Medal for exceptional philatelic study and research

Patrick Maselis (Belgium), Editor of the Catalogue of MonacoPhil 2009 published by the Club de Monte-Carlo.

All co-authors of this research (Messrs Delbeke, Huys, Kaiser, Maselis, Van Pamel, Schouberects, Slabbinck, Stes, and Tavano) will receive a Diploma.


I would also like to comment that the number of nominations for both the Literature Award and for the Certificate of Appreciation was lower than in the two previous years. I recommend a stronger participation, especially as far as literature is concerned.


(2) Support of Philatelic Literature

1. The project for building and maintaining a Philatelic Literature Data Base was presented in the last number of FEPA News. I am currently working with the President of the AIJP and the Chairman of the FIP Literature Commission in order to establish a strong cooperation aiming at ensuring a solid, long term implementation of the project and at identifying the resources to be involved and the ownership and availability of the data base. In particular the cooperation with the AIJP will bring in the requirements of the authors and that with the FIP commission should create a wide and focused attention to the initiative.

[See full report as in FEPA News December 2010 at end of this Newsletter]

2. I am pleased that the proposal for granting the full FEPA patronage to Philatelic Literature Exhibitions at a nominal fee has been agreed by the Board.

3. The German Federation is finalizing the plans for IPHLA, the International Literature Exhibition to be held in Mainz at the beginning of November 2012 – [see next item].



6. PHILATELIC LITERATURE EXHIBITION IN GERMANY - IPHLA 2012              from Wolfgang Maassen


There will be an international Literature Exhibition in 2012 in Mainz, Germany, the town of Johannes Gutenberg (2 - 4th of November, 2012). Due to the fact that this IPHLA Literature Exhibition is a specialized exhibition we don't have any national country-commissionars. So we are depending on the philatelic press and federation journals with their possibilities of publication.

IPHLA 2012 Mainz is an experiment: with completely new regulations and guide lines. So it is possible not only to present literature of all kinds, also digital static media like CD/DVD and also Internet-websites! You will find the regulations and the application forms on the bilingual website www.iphla.de.


IPHLA 2012 Mainz continues the tradition of important literature exhibitions successfully organised by the German Federation of Philatelists (BDPh) in Frankfurt (1989) and in Leipzig (2007). Like these two preceding philatelic literature exhibitions, IPHLA 2012 Mainz will be an international meeting. This becomes evident by the two patrons FEPA and AIJP who strongly support this literature exhibition. IPHLA 2012 Mainz will be held in the generous and pleasant location of the remarkable city hall. The Gutenberg-Museum of the city of Mainz will be incorporated in the event as well. The German Philatelic Federation BDPh e.V. is your host and invites all authors of study groups, small and big publishers, literature dealers and libraries to take part in this philatelic literature exhibition of 2012 as an exhibitor, dealer or sponsor.


IPHLA 2012 Mainz is a philatelic literature exhibition with international participation organised under the auspices of FEPA (Federation of European Philatelic Associations). FEPA has 42 members in Europe, among them the German Philatelic Federation BDPh e.V. In agreement with FEPA regulations (FREGEX) § 2.1.3, IPHLA 2012 Mainz will be held as a specialised one class exhibition and is open to exhibitors from all national associations of FEPA. Furthermore, again in agreement with FREGEX § 2.1.3, exhibitors from those countries are invited who are connected with a European language by their national idiom. These are authors and publishers from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore as well as the USA, Canada and South Africa.

The international character of the exhibition is also underlined by the patronage of the AIJP (Association des Journalistes Philatéliques), the world association of philatelic authors and journalists. For IPHLA 2012 Mainz, AIJP will assume the national and international press work and give the organisation of the event its full support.

The main sponsor of IPHLA 2012 Mainz is the Foundation for the Development of Philately and Postal History in Bonn, which by means of its financial help enables the German Philatelic Federation BDPh e.V. to organise this exhibition. A sponsor not less important of IPHLA 2012 Mainz is the municipality of Mainz represented by Mayor Jens Beutel who generously placed the city hall at our disposal as a worthy location appropriate to the cultural importance of the event. Among individual sponsors is the AIJP, the world association of philatelic authors and journalists.





Judging of CDs

In the last Newsletter it was suggested that some guidance is required when judging CDs and it was proposed to add a note to the Guidelines.


The following addition will be made to the Guidelines – the updated Guidelines will be submitted to the FIP Board for approval.




The marking system is the same as for hardcopy literature. However, there are differences.


Technical Matters: At 15% would include such things as ease to load, compatibility with your software (even though nominally the same software, some CDs can be difficult or impossible to open depending on the country). Clarity of images, use of contents page, index etc are all important considerations. For a CD to gain high marks under this heading, it must use the unique features of a CD.  For instance, has it got a search capability, one of the key matters for electronic literature.


Treatment of Contents or Authorship 40%, Research (40%) and Presentation (5%) are the same standards as we use for hard copy books.





For the exhibition results a few more titles than normal are listed – this shows that a lot of good books are being published each year. As an exhibitor and as a judge it is essential to have access to philatelic literature.


We tend to emphasize the Large Gold and Gold awards which normally only go to books – we must also recognise journals from specialist societies which contribute to our knowledge and specialist catalogues.

So far the highest award given to a periodical is a Gold medal awarded to The American Philatelist in WASHINGTON 2006.


Large Vermeil medals have been repeatedly awarded so far to Philotelia (Greece), Vaccari magasine (Italy), The Collectors Club Philatelist (USA), The London Philatelist (U.K) and India Post (USA).

However, many other periodicals may have achieved only a Vermeil (still a high award) but they are quite essential to philately.



Medals: 3 Large Gold, 11 Gold and 25 Large Vermeil.

Large Gold:

Claude Delbeke, Belgium: The Belgium Maritime Mail 96 points + Special Prize

Robert Odenweller, USA: The Postage Stamps of New Zealand 1855-1873: The Chalon

Head Issues 95 points + Special Prize

Michèle Chauvet, France: Introduction to Postal History from 1848 to 1878 95 points



Vaccari srl, Italy: Letter Mail from and to the Old Italian States 1850-1870 93 points

Hugh Feldman, United Kingdom: US Contract Mail by Water (Star Routes 1824-1875) 92 pts

Wolfgang Maassen, Germany: History of Expertising in the German Philately 91 points

Manfred Amrhein, Costa Rica: Philatelic Literature – History & Bibliography since 1861 –

            Volume 4 90 points

Damir Novakovic, Croatia: Stamps & Postal History of Trieste, Pola, Fiume, Istria &

            Slovene Littoral under Yugoslav Military Administration 1945-1947 90 points

Mario Carloni - Vanna Cercena, Italy: Postal History of the Dodecanese 90 points

David Feldman SA, Switzerland: Cérès 1849 90 points

Schwanenberger Verlag GmbH, Germany: MICHEL Catalogue Europe 2009/2010–7 vol 90 pts

Schwanenberger Verlag GmbH, Germany: MICHEL Overseas Catalogue – 10 volumes 90 pts

EDIFIL, SA, Spain: Specialized Catalogue of Stamps of Spain & Colonies Vol I/II

Ed. 2009,2010 90 points




The Literature Class included 57 books, 27 journals and 22 catalogues- but no CDs.

Medals: Large Gold – Nil, Gold – 4, Large Vermeil – 12.

Books –4 Gold, 7 Large Vermeil

Wolfgang Maassen, Germany: From the First Albums and Catalogues to Publishing

            Houses of Global Standing, Vol I & II 90 points, Gold 

Marlo Carloni & Vanna Cercena, Italy: Postal History of the Dodecanese – 4 volumes

90 points, Gold

Grupo Filatelico Y Numismatico de Tenerife, Spain: Historia del Correo en Canarias –

            Tomos I & II 90 points Gold

Hugh Feldman, United Kingdom: U.S. Contract Mail Routes by Water (Star Routes

1824-1875) 91 points Gold + Special Prize.


Large Vermeil medals were awarded to:

Karoly Szucs, Hungary: Revenue Stamps in the Habsburg Empire and in Hungary

Yoshiyuki Yamazaki, Japan: Postal Rate in Japan 1871-2010 and

Encyclopedia of Japanese Cancllations

Narumi Co., Japan: Tosa Local Stamps called “Muraokuri Kitte”

Max Smith & Robert Johnson, United Kingdom: Express Mail, After packets and Late Fees

            in India before 1870

Leonard Charles Stanway, United Kingdom: Malaysia & the Federation of Malaya – Their

            Stamps and Postal Stationery Volume 1

American Philatelic Congress, U.S.A.: The Congress Book 2009


Journals – 2 Large Vermeil to:

Hellenic Philotelic Society, Greece: Philotelia Vol 86, 2009

Sandeep Jaiswal, USA: India Post


Catalogues – 3 Large Vermeil to:

Argirios Karamitsos, Greece: Hellas 2010, 2 volumes, 5th Edition

Philatelia Hungarica, Hungary: Catalogue of Postage & Revenue Stamps of Hungary 2011

Mikhail Podvyaznikov, Russia: Submarines and Underwater Vehicles on the Postage

 Stamps of the World




Medals: Large Gold -1, Gold – 3, Large Vermeil – 15, Vermeil – 22, Large Silver – 19, Silver – 24, Silver-Bronze – 17 and Bronze – 9.

Large Gold:

Wolfgang Hellrigl (Ed. Frank Walton): The Postal History of Mongolia 1841-1941


Mario Carloni & Vanna Cercena: Storia Postale del Deodecaneso

Jun Ichi Matsumoto: The French Post Office of Yokohama

British West Indies Study Circle: Trinidad – A Philatelic History to 1913.

Large Vermeil:

Everaldo Santos: Cartas, Correios e Filatelia na Historia do Brasil

Vaccari Srl: Sicily 1859 - Comparative Plates of Stamps

Hideo Kosogabe: Tosa Local Stamps called “MURAOKURI KITTE”

Jun Ichi Matsumoto: History of the Studies on the “Degrun-Kin Covers of Franco-Japanese Mixed

Franked Covers

Yoshiyuki Yamazaki: Encyclopedia of Japanese Cancellations

Yoshiyuki Yamazaki: Postal Rate of Japan 1871-2010

Cicerov Stanislav: Slovenia Postage Due Stamps 1919-1921

Eugenio de Guesada: Estudio de los Sellos de Telegrafos de Cuba 1868-1896

Kenneth G Clark: History & Postal History of Japan’s Wars, Volume II

Knud Mohr (Ed): Fakes Forgeries Experts (FFE Journal) 2010 Edition

Soc. Filatelica de Madrid SOFIMA: España Coleccionista

Philatelia Hungarica LLC: Catalogue of the Postage & Revenue Stamps of Hungary 2011

Vaccari SRL: Vaccari Catalogue 2011-2012

Japanese Philatelic Society Foundation: Japanese Stamps Specialized Catalogue Vol 1 (2011-12)

 & Vol 2 (2010-11)

Facit Forlag AB: Facit Special 2011





ARGENTINA                                                                                        from Orlando Eloy CORRES

Firstly, congratulations to Orlando for his accreditation as an FIP Juror for Thematic Philately.(Ed.)


At the National exhibition PHILAFEST 2011 held 14-20 June 2011 in Villa General Belgrano (Córdoba), there were 10 Literature entries. A Gold medal 85 points was awarded to:

Guilermo Jalil for Catálogo especializado de sellos postales de la RA (1856-2009)




2010 was a good year with many and important activities, including exhibitions and press release organized by both FAEF Philatelic Literature Commission and FAEF Member' Societies, as collectors, exhibitors and authors. The following is a short review:



The Jesús María 2010 National Philatelic Exhibition was held in Jesús María, province of Córdoba, on 16-20 June 2010.  Entries included: 7 books/handbooks, 4 Periodicals, and 2 Articles. Top awards:

         Catálogo Especializado de Sellos Postales de la Re-

         pública Argentina - José Luis Götig & Guillermo Jalil                     88 Gold medal

         CEFAI magazine - Centro Filatélico Argentino Israelí                     85 Gold medal

         Sistemas de impresión - José Ramón Merlo                                  83 Large Vermeil

         Mariposas de Papel - Graciela Nieto Ortiz                                     83 Large Vermeil

         Rivadavia 5c. Métodos de identificación y clasificación

         - Gustavo de la Torre                                                                      80 Large Vermeil

         Próceres y Riquezas I, catálogo especializado de

         sellos postales - Darío Antonio Bardi                                             80 Large Vermeil


The JUVENEX 2010 National Exhibition of Youth, One Frame and Philatelic Literature was held in Ituzaingó, province of Buenos Aires, on October 30-November 6, 2010. There were 9 entries: 5 books/handbooks, 2 periodicals and 2 articles. The top awards were:

         Manual para coleccionistas de la serie Próceres y

         Riqueza I (1935-1958) - Guillermo A. Pettigiani                              86 Gold medal

         Catálogo Especializado de Sellos Postales de la Re-

         pública Argentina - José Luis Götig & Guillermo Jalil                     85 Gold medal

         CEFAI magazine - Centro Filatélico Argentino Israelí                     80 Large Vermeil

         La Linea, routes and rates of the Compañía General

         Aeropostal and Air France (2 vol.) - Miguel Ravignani                  78 Vermeil

         Próceres y Riquezas I, catálogo especializado de

         sellos postales - Darío Antonio Bardi                                             75 Vermeil

Judging is to FIP rules but as a national exhibition, medal levels are one step higher.

A list of the entries and awards can be found on the Federación Argentina de Entidades Filatélicas FAEF website - www.faef.org.ar



Argentina entered literature in LONDON 2010 – one book and PORTUGAL 2010 – 3 entries.

Books and handbooks published in Argentina during 2009

        Carlos Gardel en la filatelia argentina 1974-2010, by José Campoy Fernández. Publ. Biblioteca de Filatelia Nº 18, Federación Argentina de Entidades Filatélicas FAEF, Buenos Aires, 68 pages, with illlustrations. Spanish language.

  Manual para el coleccionista de la serie Próceres y Riquezas I (1935-1958), by Guillermo Agustín Pettigiani, publ. by the author. 176 pages with illustrations, Spanish language.

  Jesús María 2010, Exposición Filatélica Nacional. Exhibition catalogue/palmares publ. by Centro Filatélico y Numismático de Jesús María, Córdoba. 56 pages with illustration, Spanish language.


Magazines, bulletins and newsletters published in Argentina during 2009

        Revista FAEF magazine Nº 127-130: 4 issues

        CEFAI magazine Nº 55-57: 3 issues

        Cronista Filatélico, magazine Nº 266-268: 3 issues

        El Correo del Oeste, magazine Nº 108-110: 3 issues

        Centro Filatélico y Numismático Villa Calos Paz, Bulletin Nº 45 and 46: 2 issues

        Boletín Aeropostal, magazine Nº 40 and 41: 2 issues

        Informativo FAEF, monthly newsletter Nº 182-194: 12 issues

        Coleccionando, magazine Nº 9 and 10: 2 issues

        Boletín Cefiloza, magazine Nº 186-188: 3 issues

        Boletín Podium, bulletin Nº 77-81: 5 issues

        Temafilia, bulletin Nº 3-6: 4 issues

        Centro Filatélico y Numismático de San Francisco, bulletin Nº 46 and 47: 2 issues

        Apuntes Filatélicos magazine Nº 65: 1 issue

       El Coleccionista magazine, Nº 105: 1 issue


Electronic bulletins and newsletters published in Argentina during 2010

        La Hojita - Noticias Scouts filatélicas, electronic journal: 6 issues (Enero-abril,

                            Abril-junio, Julio-septiembre Partes I, II y III, y Octubre-diciembre.

        Boletin Electrónico Podium, electronic bulletin Nº 34- 45: 12 issues  (publ. Grupo Podium)



AUSTRALIA                                                                                                               from David Collyer

At the National exhibition Sydney Stamp Expo 2011 in March there were 7 literature entries;


The Australian Commonwealth King George V 1½d Die 1 stamp, parts 1 and 2. (Gold 86 points),

published by the Australian Commonwealth Collectors club of New South Wales.

Czeslaw Slania- Master Engraver 1912-2004. (Vermeil 75). Author - John Campbell of New Zealand.

Victoria. The 1895 Havelock-Fosters Postcards. (Gold 85). Author - Raymond Kelly.

Journal of China Philately Vol. 4 (Vermeil 77).

Philatelic Society of Australia, a Centenary history (Vermeil 79). Author Richard Peck.

Catalogue: Stamps of Australia 12th edition (Large Silver 70).

Catalogue: The Australasian Stamp Catalogue Vol. 1 (Large Silver 74)



CHILE                                                                                                  from Manuel L. Mariño-Reimann

I am pleased to report that Sociedad Filatelica de Chile (Chilean Philately Society) has continued publishing its magazine CHILE FILATELICO. The last number is N°282.


Also, the Circulo filatelico Diego Portales (Diego Portales Philatelic Circle) of Valparaiso has continued publishing its magazine LAS HOJAS AMIGAS (THE FRIENDLY SHEETS). The last number is N°94.



CROATIA                                                                                                                    from Ivan Martinas

The Croatian Philatelic Federation publishes: Hrvatska filatelija (four times a year) and Glasnik HFS (monthly). CPF has an internet page: www.hfs-cpf.hr



FRANCE                                                                                                                      from Bernard Jimenez

At the "Championnat de France de Philatélie", French annual national exhibition, in Metz, 10-13 June a Gold with 97 points and the Literature Grand Prix was awarded to Michèle Chauvet for

Les Colonies Françaises - Tarifs et Service Postal 1848 - 1878" (3 volumes).

A fantastic work (more than 1000 pages!)and a great edition!


GREAT BRITAIN                                                                                                         from Frank Walton

Global List of Philatelic Periodicals

Since 2009 the Royal Philatelic Society London (RPSL) has made a significant amount of information available online at www.rpslcatalogue.org.uk. Whilst some data is restricted to members of the Royal, a great deal is available to the general public at no cost. The area which has had the greatest success is the Cumulative Index to Philatelic Periodicals. This now has indexes to 125 different journals totalling 320,000 references; it is still growing weekly. These come from a variety of countries; in addition to the UK, it has indexes from journals published in the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Denmark, Philippines, Norway etc. It is a great resource for philatelic authors to check against.

The ‘rpslcatalogue’ also includes a full list of the books and periodicals in the RPSL Library. The book list (which is only available to members) includes over 13,000 titles. However, it is the periodicals listing though that I am currently focusing on. The RPSL Library today has just over 2,000 periodical titles on its shelves; it is one of the largest libraries in the world with great strength in early British and American publications. Currently over 300 current journals are added when new editions are published.

The ‘rpslcatalogue’ is a large (and growing!) relational database. I am currently working on enhancing the design so that the cumulative indexes link seamlessly with the RPSL Library listing of periodicals held so that an internet user can see instantly whether or not an article indexed is held in the RPSL Library. Because the Royal’s periodicals library does not hold every philatelic journal, and we are now getting indexes for titles that we do not hold, it is essential that the table of philatelic journal titles within the ‘rpslcatalogue’ holds data about journals not in the library.

Hence I have started building a list, in Excel, of all periodicals that have ever been published. Using many resources, and drawing on lists provided by several international contacts, I now have over 6,000 titles listed. For each title there are included the basic attributes of title, publisher, place of publication, language and dates of first & last issue. Links have also been built between titles so that successor titles are joined together.

I don’t claim that to be the first person in the world to build a global list of periodicals, but I have never before seen an attempt to link such a list with a globally searchable series of cumulative indexes. The result of this work will be fully and freely available to members of the public on the website  www.rpslcatalogue.org.uk

The RPSL would like to invite anybody in the world to contribute information to this project. Although the online information is held in a relational database, all input is via Excel spreadsheets hence can be easily transmitted via email. Contact: frank@frankwalton.com



GREECE                                                                                                                      from Anthony Virvilis

The annual literary award C. Binos of the Hellenic Philatelic Federation was awarded for 2010 to the book by Bill Ure, Forgeries of The Greek stamps of the 19th century, published by Collectio. The 146 colourful A4 pages illustrate 454 stamps and 308 details (details at info@galinos.eu).


The European Philatelic Academy at its Congress in Lisbon during the exhibition PORTUGAL 2010, announced the award for 2010 to the bimonthly periodical Philotelia pubished by the Hellenic Philotelic Society without interruption since 1924.


The Royal Philatelic Society London is publishing C. Mattheos' Introduction to the large Hermes heads of Greece 1861-1886. It will be a hardbound, with dust jacket, handbook of 180 colourful pages and it is expected mid September.


On 1st October 2011 we are celebrating in Greece the 150th anniversary of the issue of the first Greek stamp (1st October 1861). The Hellenic Philotelic Society has dedicated two numbers (May-June and July-August) of its journal Philotelia to these famous and fascinating stamps. The contributors whose articles are included are well known experts in this field and the topics published show clearly that the study and research of these worldwide known stamps continues unabated.

By the kind permission of its editor, I shall send to all delegates of the Literature Commission an electronic copy of both numbers, upon the issue of the second one due early September.


A. Karamitsos of Thessaloniki, auctioneers and publishers of the well known catalogue of Greek stamps and postal history, have undertaken the task to publish the new book of John Coundouros under the title Large Hermes heads - Position characteristics of the 150 stamps plate. The publication is scheduled to be ready end of September


In addition, the Hellenic Philotelic Society is organising an international Symposium New approaches to the study of the large Hermes heads stamps to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the issue of the first Greek stamp. This will be held over 3 days – Friday 30.9.2011 – Sunday 2.10.2011 in Athens.


The programme includes a book presentation by John Coundouros, Large Hermes heads - Position characteristics of the 150 stamps plate and the European Philatelic Academy awards to Philotelia journal. For more details of the excellent program please contact Anthony Virvilis anvirvilis@yahoo.gr



ICELAND                                                                                                         from Halfdan Helgason

The Icelandic Philatelic Federation has launched its website  http://www.is-lif.is



JAPAN                                                                                                                 from Yukihiro SHODA

Competitive Philatelic Literature Events in JAPAN (2010 Season): There are two national exhibitions every year in JAPAN. Both shows hold Literature Competition. These are ALL Japan Stamp Exhibition, in April with patronage of Japan Post Co. Ltd. and Japan Philatelic Exhibition (JAPEX), in November with patronage of Japan Philatelic Society, Foundation.


At ‘All Japan Stamp Exhibition 2010’ there were 7 entries( 6 Books and 1 Periodical ) in total. This year highest award was Vermeil medal: Japanese Occupation Stamps in China by Yoshimasa Kojima


 At ‘Japex 2010’ there were 26 entries (7 Books, 15 Periodicals, 2 Catalogs and 2 CD). Receiving a highest award was Gold medal: Japanese Tosa Local Stamps called “MURAOKURI KITTE” .by Hideo Kousokabe. (The Gold medal in Literature Class in this show is the second time. The first example was in 2003.)




The 12th New Zealand National Philatelic Literature Exhibition was held on 19 March 2011. The procedure is for entries to be sent beforehand to judges to judge individually and then to have a ‘judging day’ to review and agree awards. A few days before this, Christchurch was struck by a disastrous earthquake on 22 February and ‘judging day’ had to be cancelled with discussion to finalise results done by email and telephone. By good fortune the books had been moved the night before the earthquake from premises which were closed off for over a month.


A list of the 45 entries and awards for the 2011 and previous exhibitions can be found on the FIP Philatelic Literature Commission website - fipliterature.org 


The major awards were:

Large Gold with Felicitations and the Grand Award went to Robert Odenweller RDP for The Postage Stamps of New Zealand 1855-1873:The Chalon Head Issues and

Large Gold and Runner-up went to Robin Gwynn for Railway Disaster Mail.


In the Monographs section five Gold medals were awarded to:

            Sicilia 1859 – Comparative Plates of Stamps by Paolo Vaccari

Catalogue of Zeppelin Mail of Italy, Italian Colonies, San Marino, Vatican City 1929-39

by Fiorenzo Longhi

            Rates to reform – A Guide to High Postage Rates in Great Britain & Their Reform 1812-40

 by Rex Clark

            The Maritime Postmarks of the Danish Kingdom by Stefan Danielski & Ernst Schilling

            Egypt: The Rural Postal Service – An Introduction by Mike Murphy & Ibrahim Shoukry.

Best Periodical with a Gold medal – The Collectors Club Philatelist edited by Robert Odenweller RDP.



ROMANIA                                                                                                       from Mircea Patrascoiu

Between 6 - 12 May 2011 in Cluj-Napoca city, hosted an exciting national philatelic exhibition with international participation, with the theme "philatelic literature."
The exhibition had a total of 47 participants who were awarded a total of 39 medals: 2 gold, 7 large Vermeil, 5 vermeil, 9 silver large, 8 silver, 5 bronze silver and 3 bronze.

Participants in the exhibition were from: Romania, USA, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, China and Moldova.
To mention participation in the exhibition of many philatelic magazines, most notably the following:

* Transylvania-Banat, Bukovina (Romania)
* Store Stamps, Cartofil and Numismatics (Romania)
* Philatelist Railway (ROMANIA)
* A PHILATELIC Brasileira (Brazil)
* Philatelica.RO (Romania)
* Shi Bao Yhen Zou (China)
* Filacap (Brazil)
* Philatelic Journal (Romania)
* Philatelic Medica (Germany)
* Bank of Articles - Philatelica.RO (Romania - Mircea Patrascoiu)


Philatelic exhibition being held every two years is "Librafila 2011" with medical section "Litmedfila 2011".

We also report that Cristian Scaiceanu has published “The history of the philatelic movement in Romania” – 661 pages, “Oscar Print” Publishing House (www.oscarprint.ro) The book is in Romanian, with abstract in English, French and German, and represents a scientific approach of the philately, being a part of his PhD thesis, degree received in 2010.


Launched two months ago at the National Bank of Romania headquarters, the book comprises appreciative words of Acad. Mugur Isarescu, Governor of BNR, of Acad.Ionel Haiduc, President of the Romanian Academy and of PhD- professors Ioan Opris, Ion Bulei and Ion Calafeteanu.





JOBURG 2010 in Johannesburg 27-31 October – with FIAP Patronage and FIP Recognition the highlight of South Africa’s philatelic year. The Literature class included 21 books and 7 journals.

One Gold medal was awarded –

Vaccari Srl, Italy: Letter Mail from and to the Old Italian States 1850-1870


Over recent years a number of smaller books have been produced each dealing with a particular aspect of South African Postal History. In particular a number relating to the Anglo-Boer War:

The Wherewithal of Wolmaransstad, The Pseudo-Siege of Schweizer-Reneke, The Riddle of Rustenburg and The Legacy of Lydenburg – all by Harry Birkhead & Joh Groenewald;

Die Machadodorp-briefkarte van die Anglo-Boereoorlog by Gerrit Jonkers,

Die Pietersburg-seëls van die Anglo-Boereoorlog by Carel Breedt and Joh Groenewald,

Die Vryburg- seëls van die Anglo-Boereoorlog by Joh Groenewald – the last three in Afrikaans. Contact the Philatelic Federation of South Africa, PhilFed books, PO Box 12537. Queenswood 0121, South Africa. Email: johgroen@mweb.co.za


Recently published: South African Air Force & Royal Air Force Mail Cachets Used in Southern Africa during World War II by Jim Findlay. Published by Ben Jansen –

PO Box 835, Groenkloof 0027, South Africa. Email: thinkgraphics@telkomsa.net



SWEDEN                                                                                                                      from Erik Hamberg

Reductions in staff affect the Postal Museum and its library in Stockholm, due to budget cuts. Almost no books at all can be bought in the future. Sweden Post, now merged with the Danish Post, creating PostNord, has stopped editing the yearbook of the Postal Museum, Postryttaren ("The Postal Rider"), but The Friends of the Postal Museum is continuing the editing. Unfortunately it has been necessary to abandon the English summaries for the articles and the yearbook is now slightly thinner.


The periodical Skillingtrycket has recently changed name to Skillingtrycket Svensk Filateli.


A book about the Strandell Medal is under preparation and will be published in September in a limited edition. This medal is the highest philatelic reward in Sweden, created in 1961 and named after Nils Strandell (1874-1963). He was an international juror during four decades and created the basis for the philatelic library at the Postal Museum, which opened in 1944.



U.S.A.                                                                                                              from Michael Dixon

The major 2010 literature results just missed the last Newsletter – they are recorded here for the record.


NAPEX 2010 national exhibition held in June 2010 in Washington – major literature awards were:

Literature Grand Award & Gold:

American Philatelic Society: Understanding Transatlantic Mail Vol 2

Reserve Grand Award & Gold:

George Migliavacca & Tarcisio: Simon Taxis & the Posts of Milan During

the Renaissance

Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation: Maritime Postmarks of the Danish Kingdom Gold+S.P.

American Philatelic Congress: Congress Book 2009 Gold

Vaccari srl: Sicilia 1859: Comparative Plates of Stamps Gold

Charles J G Verge: The 1959 St Lawrence Seaway Joint Issue and its Invert Gold


APS STAMPSHOW, Richmond, Virginia, 12-15 June 2010

Literature Grand Award & Gold:

American Philatelic Society: Understanding Transatlantic Mail Vol 2

Reserve Grand Award & Gold:

            Robert P Odenweller: The Postage Stamps of New Zealand: 1855-1873,

The Chalon Head Issues

            Spink Shreves Galleries: The Floyd E. Risvold Collection/ American Expansion &

 The Journey West

Gold medals – Handbooks:

David S Ball: American Astrophilately

Edmund A. Bayley: The History of the Post Offices in Barbados

Damir Novakovic: Stamps and Postal History of Trieste, Pola, Fiume, Istria and

            Slovene Litoral under Yugoslav Military Administration 1945-1947

Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation: Maritime Postmarks of the Danish Kingdom

Ken Trettin: The Congress Book 2009

American Philatelic Congress (APC): The main aim of the Congress is to produce the annual Congress Book and to promote philatelic literature in general.

Annual literature awards 2010:

Barbara R Mueller Award for the best article in the American Philatelist:

Howard W Geisler: Saarland – A German State with French Philatelic History

Eugene Klein Research Award for best book written by Member of Congress:

Dick Winter: Understanding Transatlantic Mails Vo. 2

Dorothy Colby Award for best published article (other than in the Congress book):

Dale Forster: Postal Conventions with Pacific-Rim Countries 1867-1886 in The

Chronicle, v. 61, no.3.

The APC also gives an award at each USA national exhibition for the best exhibit write-up.

The major 2011 literature award is:

Charles J. Peterson Philatelic Literature Life Achievement Award: Kevin Doyle

Kevin Doyle’s primary contribution to philatelic literature has been as editor of VORLÄUFER, journal of the German Colonies Collectors Group for 27 years since 1985. He has written over 100 articles for 13 different journals and won national Gold for both literature and philatelic exhibits.


This impressive award is cast in metal, about 18 inches/45cm high and sits on a black marble plinth. The names of recipients on metal plaquettes will be attached to the plinth.

See further details on: http://www.stamps.org/almanac/alm_PetersonAward.htm


NAPEX 2011 national exhibition held in June 2011 in Washington – 15 handbooks and 25 periodicals. See http://www.napex.org/docs/palmares/napex_palmares_2011_combined.pdf

The major literature awards were:

Handbooks awarded Gold medals:

Charles J Peterson Grand Award for Handbooks: Peter Ford: Trinidad: A Philatelic History to 1913

Reserve Grand Award for Handbooks: Robin Gwynn: Railway Disaster Mail

Gold Medal: American Philatelic Congress: Congress Book 2011

Periodicals awarded Gold medals:

Kenneth Trettin: American Revenuer Volume 63

James W Graue: German Postal Specialist Volume 61

Sandeep Jaiswal: India Post Volume 44

Larry Lyons: Penny Post Volume 18

John Kevin Doyle: Vorläufer Nos 158-161


APS STAMPSHOW national exhibition August 2011 in Columbus, Ohio – 22 books and 27 periodicals.

See http://www.stamps.org/directories/Palmares/StampShow-2011-Lit.pdf

Gold awards were:

Michael Laurence: Ten-Cent 1869 Covers, A Postal Historical Survey – Grand Award

Louis Fiset: Detained, Interned, Incarcerated, U.S. Enemy Noncombatant Mail in World War II

Larry Lyons: Penny Post (Periodical)             These two - Reserve Grand Awards

Lewis E Bussey: United States Postal Card Catalog 2010

Robert E Picirilli: Postal & Airmail Rates in France & Colonies 1920-1945

RMPL: Mexico’s Denver Printing of 1914

Vaccari Srl: Sicilia 1859 Comparative Plates of Stamps




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Thank you to those who have contributed to this issue.




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