Selected Literature Dealer Directory

  1. Aerophil
    613 Championship Drive, Oxford, CT - USA 06478-1298
    Tel & Fax : (1) 203 888 9237

    Ken Sanford, retail dealer, both new and used books, aerophilatelic and commercial aviation. World's largest stock of aerophilatelic books.

  2. AGatherin'
    PO Box 477, West Sand Lake, NY 12196, USA
    Tel: (1)-518-674-2979

    Retail dealer of old books, original source documents, guides, reports, regulations of the US Post Office Department, postal and philatelic ephemera (telegraph, aviation, and railway included).

  3. Phil Bansner
    PO Box 2529, 2320 Highland St, West Lawn, PA 19609, USA
    Fax: (1)-610-678-5400
    Home page:

    Retail dealer, mainly out-of-print books, worldwide reference books, reference catalogues, and auction catalogues.

  4. J Barefoot
    PO Box 8, York YO24 4AR, Great Britain
    Tel: (44)-1904-654241
    Fax (44)-1904-656906
    Home page:

    Retailer and publisher. Mainly worldwide revenue titles, European handbooks, and catalogues. Has publication list.

  5. Richard Beith
    14 Middlecroft, Guilden Sutton, Chester CH3 7HF, Great Britain
    Tel: (44)-1244-300777

    Retail dealer, new and old books. Only aerophilately.

  6. James Bendon Ltd
    PO Box 56484, 3307 Limassol, Cyprus
    Tel: (357)-25-633181
    Fax (357)-25-632352
    Home page:

    Publisher, retail and wholesale dealer, and sole worldwide distributor for Robson Lowe titles. Email newsletter available.

  7. Cavendish Philatelic Auctions Ltd.
    Cavendish House, 153-157 London Road, Derby DE1 2SY, Great Britain
    Tel: +44 (0)1332 250970
    Fax: +44 (0)1332 294440
    Home page:

    Cavendish Philatelic Auctions Ltd. (established 1952) are specialist auctioneers and is run by collectors to enable other collectors to sell their Stamps, Postal History, old Letters, Documents and all related Books and objects.

  8. The 1871 Shop
    PO Box 190, South Lyon, MI 48178, USA
    Tel: (1)-810-486-9610
    Fax: (1)-810-486-9610

    Retail dealer, revenue, local and Cinderella literature.

  9. HH Sales Limited
    The Barn, Heaton Royds, Shay Lane, Bradford BD9 6SH, Great Britain
    Tel: (44)-1274-544446
    Fax: (44)-1274-545634
    Home page:

    Philatelic literature auctions, auction catalogues, journals, handbooks, ephemera, and non-philatelic books (four per year). Retail by mail stated from one of the world's largest stocks.

  10. Leonard H Hartmann, Philatelic Bibliopole
    PO Box 36006, Louisville, KY 40233, USA
    Tel: (1)-502-451-0317
    Fax: (1)-502-459-8538
    Home page:

    Retail and wholesale dealer and publisher, new and old books, US, Canada, Great Britain and British Commonwealth, German Postal History, maritime, forgery, bibliographies, India, scholarly books. Represents more than 100 philatelic publishers.

  11. Huys-Berlingin AG
    Lawenastrasse 64, FL-9495 Triesen, Liechtenstein
    Tel: (41)-75-3923404
    Fax: (41)-75-3923405

    Specialist in classic philatelic literature. Huge philatelic auctions every year.

  12. Eric Jackson
    PO Box 728, Leesport, PA 19533-0728, USA
    Tel: (1)-610-926-6200
    Fax: (1)-610-926-0120
    Home page:

    All new in print literature regarding revenue stamps of the world, including foreign titles. Out-of-print literature pertaining to revenue, telegraph, and local post stamps of the world. Email newsletter.

  13. Lewis Kaufman
    Box 255, Kiamesha Lake, NY 12751, USA
    Tel/Fax: (1)-845-794-8013

    Retail dealer. Used books and auction catalogues. Major USA topics.

  14. La Posta Publications
    33470 Chinook Plaza, #216, Scrappoose, OR 97056, USA
    Home page:

    Publisher, bi-monthly journal of North American postal history, US postal history titles.

  15. James E Lee
    PO Drawer 250, Wheeling, H 60090-0250, USA
    Tel: (1) 847 215-1231
    Fax: (1) 847 215-7253
    Home page:

    Retail dealer, new and old books. USA, CSA and BNA books, auction catalogues, and some periodicals, includes foreign titles.

  16. Michael Rogers Inc.
    199 East Wellbourne Ave. Suite 3, Winter Park, FL 32789-4324, USA
    Tel: (1)-407-644-2290 or (1)-800-843-3751
    Fax: (1)-407-645-4434
    Home page:

    Strong in China and other Asian areas. Has in stock publications, and regularly carries an appreciable number of literature lots in his mail sales.

  17. Saskatoon Stamp Centre
    PO Box 1870, Saskatoon, SK, Canada S7K 3S2
    Tel: (1)-306-931-6633
    Fax: (1)-306-975-3728
    Email: ssc@saskatoonstamp.comv
    Home page:

    Retail dealer and publisher. Canada & BNA only. New and old books, auction catalogues, largest Canadian and BNA literature catalogues free on request.

  18. Burkhard Schneider
    PO Box 1728, D-63557 Gelnhausen, Germany
    Tel: (49)-6051-471995
    Fax: (49)-6051-471996
    Home page:

    Retail and wholesale dealer. German new and old books, including auction catalogues.

  19. Jay Smith and Associates
    PO Box 650, Snow Camp, NC 27349, USA
    Tel: (1)-336-376-9991
    Fax: (1)-336-376-6750
    Home page:

    Retail dealer and publisher. New and old books. Scandinavia only.

  20. Subway Stamp Shop
    2121 Beale Ave, Altoona, PA 16601, USA.
    Tel: (1)-814-946-1000
    Fax: (1)-814-946-9997
    Home page:

    Retail and wholesale dealer and publisher. New books, all subjects at discount.

  21. Vera Trinder Ltd
    38 Bedford Street, Strand, London WC2E 9EU, Great Britain
    Tel: (44)-20-7836-2365
    Fax: (44)-20-7836-0873
    Home page:

    Worldwide literature in stock. Monthly list of new and old publications. Retail and wholesaler.

  22. Vaccari srI
    Via M Buonarroti, 46, I-41058 Vignola (Modena), Italy
    Tel: (39)-059-764106
    Fax: (39)-059-760157
    Home page:

    Dealer and publisher. Italian and all world philatelic literature. Rare, ancient, new and second hand books.

  23. Versandantiquartiat Gertrud Weiermüller
    PO Box 260164, D-50514 Koln, Germany
    Tel: (49)-221-9233100
    Fax: (49)-221-9233102
    Home page:

    Book dealer. Antiquarian and new numismatic and philatelic literature. Current literature catalogue on website.

Much of the above information has been taken from the Philatelic Literature Review, the American Philatelic Research Library. The APRL is the largest philatelic library in the world.