Royal Philatelic Society London
The Crawford Medal

The Crawford Medal is a silver-gilt medal and is awarded for the most valuable and original contribution to the study and knowledge of philately published in book form during the two years preceding the award. It is open to worldwide competition.

1920Hugo GriebertThe Stamps of Spain 1850-1854
1921Sir Edward D Bacon KCVOThe Line Engraved Postage Stamps of Great Britain
1922Charles Nissen and Bertram McGowanThe Plating of the Penny Black Postage Stamp of Great Britain, 1840
1923Charles Lathrop PackVictoria: The half-Length Portraits and the Twopence Queen Enthroned
1924Lieut. Colonel GSF NapierThe Stamps of the First Issue of Brazil
1925Justus Anderssen and H DethloffNorges Frimerker 1855-1924
1927FJ PeplowThe Postage Stamps of Buenos Aires
1928CF Dendy MarshallThe British Post Office from its Beginning to the End of 1925
1929AM Tracey WoodwardThe Postage Stamps of Japan and Dependencies
1930Dr Carroll ChaseThe 3c Stamp of the United States 1851-57 Issue
1931Gilbert J AllisCape of Good Hope: Its Postal History and Postage Stamps
1932EA Smythies and Captain DR MartinThe Four Annas Lithographed Stamps of India, 1854-55
1933EJ LeeThe Postage Stamps of Uruguay
1934Dr Emilio DienaI Francbolli del Regno di Napoli
1935Carl SchmidtDie Postwertzeichen der Russischen Landschaftsaemter
1936Dr Herbert MunkKohl-Briefmarken-Handbuch
1937Stanley B AshbrookThe United States Ten Cent Stamp of 1851-57
1938Max G JohlUnited States Stamps of the 20th Century, Vol IV
1939Dr H OsborneGreat Britain, Twopence Plate Nine. A Study of the Plate and its Repairs
1940JH Curle and AE BasdenTransvaal Postage Stamps
1944AA JurgensThe Handstruck Letter Stamps of the Cape of Good Hope from 1792 to 1853 and the Postmarks from 1853 to 1910
1945Prescott H ThorpThe Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers of the United States and Possessions
1947Winthrop S BoggsThe Postage Stamps and Postal history of Canada
1948A Tort NicolauGuia del Coleccionista de Sellos de Correos de España 1855-69
1949Dr FE WoodStraits Settlements Postage Stamps
1950LE DawsonThe One Anna and Two Annas Postage Stamps of India 1854-55
1951D Alan StevensonThe Triangular Stamps of Cape of Good Hope
1952J Schmidt-AndersenThe Postage Stamps of Denmark 1851-1951
1953Sir John Wilson Bart CVOThe Royal Philatelic Collection
1954JRW PurvesThe Half Lengths of Victoria
1956The Royal Philatelic Society of New ZealandThe Postage Stamps of New Zealand Vol III
1958John EastonThe De La Rue History of British and Foreign Postage Stamps 1855-1901
1959R Forrester-WoodThe Stamps and Postal History of Sarawak
1960SD Tchlinghirian and WSE StephenStamps of the Russian Empire Used Abroad (Published in Six Parts)
1961Dr Mohamed DadkhahThe Lion Stamps of Persia
1962Nicholas ArgentiThe Postage Stamps of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
1963Dr WRD WigginsThe Postage Stamps of Great Britain Part II
1964Dr Joseph SchatzkésThe Cancellations of Mexico 1856-74
1965Joaquín Galvez NaranjoLos Primeros Sellos de Chile 1853 a 1867
1966Dr S IchidaThe Cherry Blossom Issues of Japan 1872-1876
1967The Federation of Hungarian Philatelic SocietiesA Magyar Belyagek Monografiaja Vols I, II and V
1969International Society of Guatemala CollectorsGuatemala Volume I Postal History and Stamps to Mid 1902
1972George E HargestHistory of Letter Post Communication between the United States and Europe, 1845-1875
1973Raymond SallesEncyclopaedie de la Poste Maritime Française Historique et Catalogue (Vols I-VIII)
1974Robson LoweEncyclopaedia of British Empire Postage Stamps (Volume V)
1975GC van Balen Blanken and Bert BuurmanThe Netherlands - Plating of the 1852 5 cent and 10 cent Values
1976Archibald GM BattenThe Orange Free State - its Postal Offices and their Markings 1868-1910
1978A Ronald ButlerThe Departmental Stamps of South Australia
1979Örjan LüningLuftpostens Historia Norden (The History of Airmail in Scandinavia)
1980Harold W FisherThe Plating of the Penny (Volumes I-IV)
1981Marcus Samuel and Dr Alan K HugginsSpecimen Stamps and Stationery of Great Britain
1982Sigurd Ringström and Henry E TesterThe Private Ship Letter Stamps of the World (Parts I and II)
1983Dr Anton JergerHandbooks on Austrian Lombardy-Venetia
1984Armando Mario O VieiraSelos Classicos de Relevo de Portugal
1985Paolo VollmeierStoria Postale del Regno di Sardegna dalle Origini all'Introduzione del Francobollo
1986Professor Carl-Richard BrühlGeschichte der Philatelie (Volumes I and II)
1988Gary S RyanThe Cancellations of Hungarian Post Offices on the First Issue of Hungary 1867-1871
1989Adolph Koeppel and Raymond D MannersThe Court Fee and Revenue Stamps of the Princely States of India (Volumes I and II)
1990Dott Niño AquilaI Francobolli Degli Ultimi Re
1991Peter M IbbotsonThe Postal History and Stamps of Mauritius
1992J Michael and P Jane MoubrayBritish Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations 1840-1875
1993Jack F Ince and S John SacherThe Postal Services of the British Nigeria Region
1994James van der LindenCatalogue des Marques de Passage
1995HE Walker and JH ColesPostal Cancellations of the Ottoman Empire (Parts 1-4)
1996Paolo Vollmeier and Vittorio ManciniStoria Postale del Regno di Napoli dalle Origini all'Introdzione del Francobollo
1997Peter E FernbankKing George V Key Plates of the Imperium Postage and Revenue Design
1998Hugh V FeldmanLetter Receivers of London 1652-1857
1999Professor Peter AS SmithEgypt - Stamps and Postal History - A Philatelic Treatise
2000G Clive Akerman and Gavin H FryerThe Reform of the Post Office in the Victorian Era and Its Impact on Economic and Social Activity
2001Dr Ulrich FerchenbauerÖsterreich 1850-1918